This is exactly how I feel

This is exactly how I feel

Friday, August 23, 2013

Alright, here we go...

My all-nighter has started. Just put my hubby to bed. Everyone is asleep, but not me! The next time I go to sleep will be at 3 am tomorrow night. That will mean I will have received a total of 8 hours of sleep for 96 hours. I'm confident psychosis is going to set in. Good thing it's the weekend and my hubby is home. For the next several nights after this sleep deprivation, I will be staying up till 3 am every night, and waking at 7 am every day, until I find that I can fall asleep easily within 20 minutes at that time. Once that is possible, I will give myself 15 extra minutes each night that I successfully fall asleep. Eventually I hope to be able to go to sleep at midnight, and wake at 7 am. We will see. 

Right now, I'm fairly ok. This morning was very, very hard. 1 hour of sleep killed me, but I had no choice but to get up. As the day went on, I felt better. I'm running on something right now, not sure what. I hope this night goes by quickly, because being alone through this is no fun. I'm more worried about my state of mind tomorrow. I know, I know this will be worth it. I've been through worse. I CAN do this. I'm tough. And with His help, anything is possible. He will not leave me in my trial. He never has.

Any ideas of what could occupy my time for an entire night? Good series recommendations? Please share!

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