This is exactly how I feel

This is exactly how I feel

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday night

I had a friend from my ward bring me dinner a couple nights ago. It feels so good to know that you are never alone in your trials. She has a beautiful, giving heart. I need to be more like her. We all have busy lives, but she went out of her way to bring me dinner. No one asked her to, I never said I needed anything, she just figured having dinner ready since I'm so sleep deprived would help. It made me cry. (But of course, I am pregnant AND severely sleep deprived, so yes I'm kind of crazy emotional right now) I have been through I can and cannot do this about a thousand times over the course of the last couple days, especially today. I finally get to sleep at 3 am. But I have to wake at 7. I have no idea how badly my body is gonna feel, but I am scared. Trying not to be. I pray I go straight to sleep, and sleep the entire time, because if I do, I can try sleeping at 2:30 the next night, and so on.

Trying desperately to stay awake right now, but it's becoming near impossible. 2 hours to go. These lonely nights can make you crazy.

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